Oh GOSH, I'm liking these products

I'm getting into GOSH products (only sold at Superdrug), my current faves are their Soft 'n Shine Lip Balms. They are more like sheer lip sticks than a balm as they give a nice amount of colour but not hugely moisturising. There are 12 colours to choose from; I like Soft Touch, Aubergine, Mocha & Perfect Plum, £7.

They also do really nice coloured eye pencils that are waterproof and are very soft so they don't drag on the eye lid. I bought a 'Let's Twist' pencil in Blue Grass, £6. Using coloured pencils makes it really easy to wear colour on the eyes without using eye shadow, just do a thin line just above the lash line and take it out slightly at the edges.

Here's a swatch of the Blue Grass eye liner and Soft Touch lip balm on my hand:

Body Shop beauty bargains

Found some great sale items in the Body Shop, all of these were a £1 each! The cream eyeshadows are ok but not much pigment to them but I love the cream blushers, I wore the peachy one today and loved it. This colour is suitable for fair to medium complexions. Also I can confirm that L'Oreal do own the Body Shop now, probably why their prices have gone up.

The lip and cheek tint is similar to Benefit Pocket Pal. I did a quick photo gallery so you can see what it looks like, 1. bare lips, 2. just with the tint, 3. tint and gloss.